Best Dog Friendly Campgrounds in NH

New Hampshire, known for its captivating landscapes and untouched wilderness, beckons campers to experience the great outdoors. Camping is a perfect bonding activity for any family. Many families wish to take their dog(s) with them when traveling.

Fortunately, many campgrounds allow dogs in some capacity. Most have various restrictions, including size restrictions, leash requirements, and noise ordinances. However, many are surprisingly lenient about what they will allow. We break down 10 pet-friendly campgrounds in New Hampshire that are worth visiting.

NH Dog Friendly Camping

Top 10 NH Campgrounds For Dog Owners

  1. Wakeda Campground, Hampton Falls
    • Overview: Situated close to the NH Seacoast, Wakeda is a family-oriented space perfect for both short breaks and extended stays.
    • Special Features: It boasts a vast spread of campsites, frequent family events, and proximity to popular coastal attractions. It also includes a Dog park which is dedicated to Mike and his dogs: Lady, Sadie, Misty, Casey & Murphy.
  2. Moose Hillock Campground, Warren
    • Overview: Among the larger campgrounds, Moose Hillock is especially known for its spacious, private sites.
    • Special Features: The tropical-themed swimming pool is a highlight, along with regular themed weekends and organized activities.
  3. Crazy Horse Campground, Littleton
    • Overview: Set amidst the enchanting backdrop of the White Mountains, Crazy Horse caters to diverse camping needs.
    • Special Features: From tenting areas to large RV accommodations, it ensures a comprehensive camping experience. Local attractions and hiking trails add to its appeal.
  4. Westward Shores Cottages & RV Resort, West Ossipee
    • Overview: Lining the Ossipee Lake, this resort combines scenic views with upscale amenities.
    • Special Features: Offers both waterfront and wooded campsites, boating facilities, and a range of recreational activities for all ages.
  5. Saco River Camping Area, North Conway
    • Overview: With the White Mountains nearby and the Saco River flowing adjacent, this spot is a nature lover’s dream.
    • Special Features: Popular for kayaking and canoeing, it also offers diverse campsite options and proximity to North Conway’s attractions.
  6. Lost River Valley Campground, North Woodstock
    • Overview: Tucked within the White Mountains, this campground promises solitude and natural beauty.
    • Special Features: Apart from access to numerous hiking trails, visitors can also explore the nearby Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves.
  7. Blackberry Crossing Campground, Albany
    • Overview: For campers seeking an undisturbed, rustic experience, Blackberry Crossing is ideal.
    • Special Features: As part of the White Mountain National Forest, it ensures tranquility, offering basic facilities without compromising the essence of wilderness camping.
  8. Twin Mountain KOA, Twin Mountain
    • Overview: A part of the well-renowned KOA chain, this campground seamlessly blends comfort with nature.
    • Special Features: Along with standard KOA amenities, its location makes it an excellent base for exploring nearby attractions like Mount Washington.
  9. Baker River Campground, Rumney
    • Overview: Embracing the Baker River’s serene flow, this campground exudes a calming ambiance.
    • Special Features: Riverfront campsites are a major draw, coupled with proximity to renowned climbing spots and nature trails.
  10. Greenfield State Park Campground, Greenfield
  • Overview: Engulfed by nature, the state park offers a serene pond, dense forests, and picturesque hiking trails.
  • Special Features: Its rustic setting is complemented by well-maintained campsites and picnic areas, ensuring an authentic yet comfortable outdoor experience.
Best NH Dog Friendly Campgrounds

Best NH Dog Friendly Campgrounds

New Hampshire’s campgrounds, each unique in its offerings, together capture the essence of the state’s diverse landscapes. From tranquil lakesides to mountainous terrains and dense woodlands, you will find it all here in the state of New Hampshire. The best dog friendly campgrounds in NH will leave you smiling and your pup wagging their tail.

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This article was put through our rigorous editorial control processes, but rules are always changing. Remember to check for any updated rules and regulations from your campground regarding dogs and what is permitted.