Why Do Dogs Like Shoes + Slippers So Much

Have you ever found your favorite pair of sneakers in the jaws of your furry friend? There’s something about shoes that seem to attract dogs magnetically. But why? Let’s dive into the canine world and explore why our pups are so fascinated by our footwear!

Why Do Dogs Like Shoes

A Nose for Scent

Dogs have an incredibly keen sense of smell. Imagine walking into a bakery and smelling all those delightful aromas. That’s what ordinary life is like for a dog! They smell and sense everything vividly.

Your shoes, having traveled with you, contain a cocktail of scents that tell a story – where you’ve been, what you’ve stepped on, and most importantly, they smell like you, providing a source of comfort and a strong connection to you.

Playing for Attention

Do you remember those mischievous games of catch-me-if-you-can with your pup prancing around, your shoe dangling from their mouth? Dogs, especially those cheeky puppies, quickly learn that nabbing a shoe guarantees a reaction.

They aren’t just stealing a sneaker; they’re inviting you into a playful chase, ensuring attention and interaction. Sometimes, the pursuit is the entire point!

Relieving the Discomfort of Teething

For puppies, the world is a giant chew toy, particularly during teething periods. The pain of emerging teeth is eased by gnawing on something, and unfortunately, shoes often become the victim of this phase.

They’re just the right size and shape for a pup to clamp down on, providing relief to those sore gums.

Guiding Paws to Appropriate Behavior

Venturing into the reasons why do dogs Like shoes illuminates pathways for directing their paws toward more suitable conduct. Our furry companions find a world of wonders in our shoes, capturing a plethora of smells and presenting a satisfyingly chewy challenge.

Many dogs also like to sleep on our shoes or lay then next to their faces.

Enrichment and Attention

Dogs need physical activity, mental stimulation, and plenty of love and attention from their favorite human – you! Providing toys, puzzles, and spending quality time playing and training them not only strengthens your bond but also reduces the likelihood of them seeking attention in mischievous ways, like shoe-stealing adventures.

Providing Appropriate Chew Toys

Chewing isn’t a habit we want to suppress entirely, especially for puppies who naturally chew during their teething phase. Supplying them with appropriate and safe chew toys can divert their attention away from your shoe rack and save many pairs from becoming pup-chew fodder.

Managing Boredom

A bored dog is an inventive dog, often crafting their own games using available resources – like your shoes. Ensuring your pup has ample exercise and activities throughout the day can keep boredom at bay. A well-exercised dog is less likely to seek entertainment in destructive ways.

Storage Solutions

Sometimes, prevention is the simplest solution! Keeping shoes stored away or in a closed closet restricts access and removes temptation from a curious dog, ensuring your footwear remains safe from those playful jaws.

When you keep shoes out of sight you keep shoes out of mind for your dog.

Understanding and Compassion

Navigating through the challenges of dog parenthood can be a journey filled with chewed-up surprises. Many dogs like shoes and slippers. Some dogs may exhibit certain behaviors when they smell your shoes. Understanding the ‘why’ behind their actions allows us to manage their behaviors effectively and compassionately.

By exploring the world through their nose, seeking comfort, play, and relief, dogs interact with our belongings, like shoes, in a multitude of ways.

With understanding, patience, and appropriate management, we can guide our pups toward better choices, saving our shoes and strengthening our bond with our four-legged friends.

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