Do Dogs Get Sad When You Ignore Them

It’s easy to picture dogs as free-spirited beings who are quick to show happiness, but ignoring your dog could be to blame for any sadness or behavior that deviates from its routine.

Their owners’ physical and mental health affects the dogs they own as well. The results of acting in a way that, at first glance, doesn’t seem to have any negative consequences, such as suddenly ignoring them, can be pretty serious. Does ignoring your dog make them sad? Based on my first hand experience as a dog owner, I can safely say that the answer is yes.

Dogs can absolutely sense when their owners are too busy to pay attention to them when they are around. They are aware of your actions and behavior as their owner, and as a result, their mental and physical health can suffer if their owner or trainer does not pay enough attention to them.

Do Dogs Get Sad When You Ignore Them

What Causes Dogs to Be Sad?

Dogs, much like humans, are incredibly complicated creatures. And just like humans, they can experience feelings of sadness too.

Discovering the things that make your dog unhappy is a good start. The next step is to detect the symptoms of sadness or depression in a dog. One of the factors involved is, without a doubt, the fact that your dog is ignored regularly. On the other hand, your dog’s sadness or depression could be brought on by several different factors, including the following:

Having Someone In the Family Die

You’re not alone if you’ve lost a family member, friend, or pet. Even animals grieve, and your dog may experience depression. You can’t speed up your dog’s grieving, but you can comfort it. Treats and hugs will help your pet during this difficult time.

Relocating to a New House

After a big move, your dog may act strangely. Your dog may feel sad as it adapts to its new place due to the move’s stress. With patience and affection, your pet will adjust to its new environment. This may take weeks. Your dog may dislike certain items but doesn’t like your home.

Home Alone

When you come home from being away for an extended period due to work obligations, your dog may not greet you with the same enthusiasm as it usually would. Dogs are social animals that develop feelings of anxiety when they are isolated for an extended time.

Overstaying Indoors

Dogs need to run and play; if they don’t get the opportunity, they may feel upset. Humans’ and dogs’ mental health can suffer significantly if they are confined their entire lives indoors, cut off from social interaction, nature, and sunlight.

Signs Your Dog Is Feeling Sad or Depressed

By understanding the causes of your dog’s sadness, you will also be able to recognize the signs of their sadness.

Here are some signs your dog may be feeling sad.

Losing Interest in the Things They Used to Enjoy

Observing an unexplained change in behavior or a loss of interest in activities that your dog once enjoyed, such as playing Frisbee or taking walks, could be signs that your dog is sad.


Some dogs require a certain amount of sleep per day, while others may be light sleepers, but in general, the time dogs spend sleeping varies greatly. Observe the amount of time your dog spends in bed. Changes in your dog’s sleeping patterns may also indicate that it is sad.

Leftovers in its Bowl

Symptoms of dog sadness are comparable to human depression; for instance, just as you may lose your appetite when you’re feeling down, your depressed dog may not feel like eating when feeling sad. It is possible that your dog is depressed or sad if it is losing weight and not showing the usual excitement for its favorite snack.

Your Dog is Ignoring its Playtime

A dog that is depressed or unhappy will not have the same energy level as it once did and will not be as enthusiastic about play sessions or workouts as it once was.

Licking All the Time

Not only do animals lick themselves to keep themselves clean, but they also do it to soothe their discomfort and improve their mood. Compulsive licking is not a typical sign of depression or sadness in dogs; however, if a dog has anxiety issues, it may engage in more obsessive licking habits, which can be used as a form of self-soothing. If you notice that your dog is repeatedly licking its paws, it’s a good idea to keep a close watch out for other signs that your dog may be experiencing sadness or depression.


A depressed dog may start ripping the furniture or snarling at you if you try to pet it. If your dog has historically been hostile, depression probably isn’t the first thing that should come to mind. However, a sweet dog that all of a sudden becomes irritable may be trying to tell you that something is wrong.

The Dog Whines or Whimpers a Lot

Puppies have an innate need to communicate with their mothers through whimpering or whining, and they may continue to use this “crying out” method as adult dogs, especially if you react to their whimpering. One of the responsible owners of pets to be able to tell if their dog is okay or feeling sad is to become familiar with how their dog communicates with them.

Your Dog Needs Extra Snuggles and Cuddles

It is natural for your dog to look to you for reassurance when experiencing depressive symptoms. This is often the case when the sadness results from feelings of grief, ailment, sadness, or loneliness. Boredom can also contribute to feelings of sadness. You might find your dog’s excessive neediness irritating or unexpected, but it could be a sign that your pet suffers from depression.

Your Dog is Getting its need for Love Across

When you spend more time with your dog, you and the two of you will develop special communication methods exclusive to you. This indicates that you are the one who is most likely to comprehend when your dog is sad and the reason for their sadness.

How to Deal With a Sad or Depressed Dog

Before attributing your dog’s behavior to feelings of depression or sadness, it is necessary to have your dog thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. What you presume to be signs of sadness in your dog may be early signs of an ailment, such as a thyroid problem or physical discomfort in the pet.

If you are suspicious that your dog may be feeling down because you are not giving him enough attention, it is always better to be cautious than sorry and make an appointment with a consultant.

After ruling out the possibility of other health problems, your veterinarian will suggest that you offer your dog more workouts, a healthier lifestyle, and additional attention to boost its spirits. As a last resort, a veterinarian may prescribe a depressed dog one of the same antidepressant medications prescribed to humans; however, this is the one medication veterinarians try to avoid prescribing whenever possible.

Because of this, it is essential to pay close attention to how your dog behaves to prevent serious consequences that could be detrimental to you and your dog.

Dog With Owner
Dog With Owner

Why it is Not Good to Ignore Your Dog

People have a natural tendency to overanalyze the behavior and attitude of dogs to the point where they imbue their canine companion with human qualities, such as the ability to feel emotions such as envy, distress, and solitude. This is because people have a propensity to overanalyze everything. Many people who keep animals as pets believe that receiving love from their pet dog is the best reward in the world.

When your dog looks at you pitifully and you experience an overwhelming desire to soothe him, he has successfully gained your surrender. They are not attempting to get your attention by giving you that look; instead, they are simply aware that you will react in a particular way.

They now have the reassurance that you will always be there for your dog, no matter the circumstances because you gave them that kind of response. In addition, if you suddenly stop paying attention to your dog, this will negatively impact them, and they may experience feelings of depression in addition to the other side effects discussed above.

Does Ignoring Your Dog Make Them Sad

People today are constantly looking for circumstances and activities in their immediate surroundings that they can link to feelings of happiness. Because happiness is a choice we make for ourselves, we are not reliant on other people, animals, or circumstances to bring it to us.

A dog is a pack animal that requires certain matters from you. You must understand how to satisfy him with what he needs, or else he will be very anxious, sad, or depressed and possibly develop serious behavior issues.

Occasionally, you will have no choice but to ignore what your dog says. The reason for this arises from dogs’ behavior and how they interact. In other words, the reasoning is based on how dogs behave.

There are times, however, when you should not ignore your dog. Because your dog is more than just a coexisting animal, you mustn’t ignore him constantly. Your dog is a family member.

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