Are Pugs Jealous Dogs

Pugs are cute little creatures full of energy that have a distinct sense of humor and a peculiar personality. Does that mean they have little quirks, like getting jealous? A pug will feel left out when they do not receive enough attention – but there are ways to deal with that behavior. Find out about it below.

Pugs are playful, laid-back, and loyal. They love to hang around with their owners and be the center of attention. Pugs will get jealous whenever the attention shifts to another pet for too long. Nevertheless, this breed is far from problematic when given enough attention.

Pugs exhibit a genuine affection for their owners and stand out as notably loyal dogs. They actively seek a substantial amount of attention from their owners, and they may experience feelings of jealousy if they perceive a lack of it. Additionally, when ignored, they might display signs of anxiety or agitation. Pugs are also highly sociable animals, forming attachments not only with their human companions but also with other dogs, pets, and even children.

Do Pugs Get Jealous

A pug’s biggest problem is wanting attention and not getting it. Pugs will start to bark, growl, and play around to get back in the spotlight. That doesn’t mean they’ll do it all the time! Pugs are happy to keep you company – but won’t like seeing you spend too much time with another pet if they start to feel left behind.

In other words, pugs won’t feel jealous if you pay attention to them – but will start to act out if left unattended for too long.

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Why do Pugs Get Jealous

There are a number of common reasons that pugs get jealous. Most of them come down to a pugs desire for attention from it owner. Pugs may also be jealous of other dogs if they feel like they are missing out on your undivided attention.

Pugs are Loyal Dogs

People often believe pugs are social breeds – but they are loyal rather than social. That means pugs will love their owner and family but don’t like crowds too much.

That’s the perfect combination for a jealous dog: jealousy will arise if you don’t pay enough attention to your pug when surrounded by other pets.

Don’t confuse their sense of loyalty with anti-social behavior! Pugs can get along with other pets and people just fine. Nevertheless, they may feel jealous when their owner spends too much time with someone else.

Fortunately, pugs are laid-back and will not bark or bother you that much when everything is going well.

Pugs Are a Sensitive Breed

Pugs are sensitive in every sense of the word: heat and cold affect them significantly, and they pay attention to the many changes surrounding them. For example, a pug will notice when its owner starts giving attention to other pets or people.

It’s crucial to remember this personality trait. When pugs get jealous, they can show their bad side. At that point, you should refrain from yelling or punishing a pug because they’ll hurt from it.

In other words, pugs prefer to hear their owners laugh rather than shout. Many believe pugs have a great sense of humor!

Pugs Get Along With Humans Well

Pugs get along with everyone but prefer to be with humans, especially when talking about their owners. There’s a reason for that: pugs are companion dogs and love getting attention from the people they’ve bonded with.

In fact, if your pug is the only pet in your household, you’ll have to undergo a socialization process before bringing another dog, cat, or similar to your home. Don’t worry too much about it: Pugs are friendly, and as long as you give them enough attention, they’ll have no problem sharing the spotlight.


How Can You Tell When Pugs Get Jealous

That depends! It’s difficult to tell when your pug is jealous before meeting them! Pugs have a distinct type, but their personality varies on a case by case basis. Nevertheless, there are a couple of pointers you can pay attention to. We’ll discuss them below.

It’s essential to notice any behavioral changes in your pug to determine if your dog is feeling jealous or not. That’ll be a dead giveaway: when your dog starts acting out, something is wrong. For example, one of the signs of jealousy is excessive playfulness; then again, if your dog loves to play all the time, that wouldn’t necessarily count.

Signs your pug is getting jealous

According to the experts at PetMD the following are tell-tale signs that your pug might be getting jealous.

  • Anxiety: Pugs get very anxious when they get jealous. They become skittish and can’t help but move from one place to another. They also try to stop other people or pets from doing the same by pushing others when they try to move or forcing them to go somewhere. Anxious dogs also get very clingy and can’t help but ask for extra cuddles and pets whenever possible.
  • Aggression: In contrast, dogs can also get aggressive other than anxious. When this happens, a pug will bite or nib on whoever is making them jealous, often the owner. Don’t confuse biting with playfulness or even violence because it’s one of the few ways a pug has to get your attention. It’s crucial not to reward this behavior.
  • Growling: Pugs often bark and growl at other pets, not humans, especially when they’re jealous. You’ll often hear a jealous pug growl at a multi-pet household but seldom when the pug is the only pet in the house. When you hear your pug growl at another pet, take it as a warning sign. When that happens, it’s time to separate the animals.
  • Incontinence: A jealous dog tends to go to the bathroom more than usual, often doing it at places they shouldn’t. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember incontinence could also be a sign of a health issue rather than the result of distress from jealousy. If your dog shows incontinence symptoms but no other sign of jealousy, take it to the vet.
  • Leaving: Jealous pugs may get angry enough to withdraw. When that happens, they’ll leave the room to go somewhere else to be alone. Ironically, another common sign of jealousy is crowding you, like sitting on your keyboard.
  • Playfulness: When pugs start doing tricks without you asking them to, that’s a clear-cut sign of jealousy. It can also be boredom or a combination of both.
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What Can I do When My Pug Gets Jealous

Be Equally Affectionate to All Pets

The best way to make your pug (or any other animal) jealous is not to pay attention to them, especially if other pets are living in your house.

In certain scenarios, it could be difficult not to make your pug jealous, like when you’re adopting a new pet. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep this fact in mind and at least try to play with your pug as you did before.

When that happens, gradually introduce your new pet to your pug, and create a balance between the new and old family members.

Create a Safe Space for Your Pug

People need safe spaces the same way pugs do. It could be anywhere in the house where your pet can feel comfortable and relaxed.

You can set a small corner of a room with your dog’s crate and toys, so they can go there whenever they feel like it.

When you sense your pug is getting jealous, you can take a little time to go to their safe place and spend a moment with them. That way, they’ll relax, feel loved, and go back to normal.

Feed Your Pets in Separate Rooms

Sometimes, lunch and dinner could be problematic. That’s often the case when you have multiple pets in your house and they all want to bite more than they can chew. Pugs are no exception.

If you notice your pug or other pets are getting jealous when it’s time to feed them, it’s better to make every animal eat in different places.

With that being said, remember to treat every pet equally. Even if you’re rewarding another animal for good behavior, take the time to give a treat to your pug too. Otherwise, you’re bound to see a very jealous pug soon.

Put a Leash on All Dogs When Walking

A common thread unites every behavior that could make your pug jealous: treating them differently. That’s right: when you do something with another pet and your pug feels left out, that’s when jealousy happens. When you walk your pug, it’s no different.

That means you must put every dog on a leash, no matter how well-behaved they are. You have to do it for two reasons. One is to avoid making your pug jealous by treating other pets differently. Two is to avoid any safety issues when another animal approaches and you have no control over every dog you’re walking.

Train Your Pug

The bottom line is to train your dog from an early age. Teaching your pet different commands could help them reset their behavior when they’re having a fit of jealousy.

At the same time, giving your pug a treat when they calm down is a good way to reinforce good habits.

For example, when your dog is barking too much because they feel left out, telling them to sit down could help them relax.

Continuing to reward good behavior when that happens is essential to having a happy pug and a happy life.

Conclusion: Do Pugs Get Jealous

To sum it up, pugs are not the most jealous breed there is – but they have little patience when they are not in the center of the spotlight. Therefore, to say that pugs get jealous would not be inaccurate. Noticing when a pug gets jealous is essential to teach your dog how to behave even when they feel left out.

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